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I'm Sean, a software engineer at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


What I'm Working On [professionally]

Since 2019, I have worked in a lab in the Launch Control Center that provides vehicle telemetry simulation as a service.

Pic of me nbd

My work has included automating simulator testing, creating a telemetry packing database generator, improving simulator performance, implementing new simulator functionality, and plenty other I'm forgetting. It is primarily development in Python, with tools such as GitLab CI/CD, VMWare vCenter, and PostgreSQL, amongst others.


Previously, I have worked with Swamp Works, a rapid development lab at Kennedy Space Center, working on a regolith-mining rover. This rover has a goal of collecting materials for habitat building, rocket propellant production, or tool manufacturing. I contributed to simulations development, deployment pipelines, and networking.


I have also spent some time working on a training simulator for the Hawk T2 jet trainer with Lockheed Martin.

What Else I'm Working On [for fun]

My latest project is Darwin (darwintree.app↗️), a webapp for searching biological taxa and building phylogenetic trees. It works with two of my favorite sites/apps, eBird and iNaturalist, letting users import recent birdwatching lists or other nature-y observations. It is my favorite thing I have ever made. It even has a browser extension↗️!


Most of my projects are up for viewing on my GitHub↗️.

What I Like to Work On

In terms of tools, I am at home with Python. I also really enjoy working with React. I have done a number of projects in Java and C, and enjoy playing around in assembly sometimes.

I love working on space systems. I am also passionate about conservation.