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I'm Sean, a software engineer at the Space Telescope Science Institute.


What I'm Working On [professionally]

Since January 2023, I have been working at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)↗️ as a software engineer, developing applications used by engineers to monitor data calibration and manage data archive systems. I also work on APIs used by astronomers to search for and retrieve data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescopes. (And soon, the Roman Space Telescope↗️!)

HubbleJWSTCarina Nebula

Before starting at STScI, I worked in a lab in the Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center that provides vehicle telemetry simulation for the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft, supporting the Artemis program. We successfully launched Artemis I↗️, and Artemis II is on the way.


The telemetry simulation system I worked on is used to train the launch team, better preparing them for handling any situation that may arise while preparing the rocket and spacecraft for launch. It is also used for testing the Launch Control System and the Ground/Flight Application Software, letting engineers work with simulated rocket and spacecraft data without needing to connect to the real thing.

My work particularly included building a database for tracking telemetry and commanding data models, creating an automation dashboard for managing simulation deployments, and maximizing simulation performance.


I have also worked with Swamp Works, a rapid development lab at Kennedy Space Center, working on a regolith-mining rover. This rover has a goal of collecting materials for habitat building, rocket propellant production, or tool manufacturing. I contributed to simulations development, deployment pipelines, and networking.


I have also spent some time working on a training simulator for the Hawk T2 jet trainer with Lockheed Martin.


I currently volunteer Study Japanese Arlington (SJA)↗️, a local non-profit in Arlington, VA that advocates for Japanese study opportunities with Arlington Public Schools. We also host plenty of Japanese cultural and language-learning events! I volunteer as the website maintainer, as well as occasionally leading our weekly Japanese Conversation classes at the Arlington County Central Library.

Me in Asakusa, Japan

What Else I'm Working On [for fun]

My latest project is Darwin (darwintree.app↗️), a webapp for searching biological taxa and building phylogenetic trees. It works with two of my favorite sites/apps, eBird and iNaturalist, letting users import recent birdwatching lists or other nature-y observations. It is my favorite thing I have ever made. It even has a browser extension↗️!


Most of my projects are up for viewing on my GitHub↗️.

What I Like to Work On

In terms of tools, I am at home with Python. I also really enjoy working with React. I have done a number of projects in Java and C, and enjoy playing around in assembly sometimes. I am at home in a Linux environment.

I love working on space systems. I am also passionate about conservation.